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Log Date
Idea #305 commented 17/09/17 22:17
Idea #305 commented 15/09/17 19:15
Idea 'Trees should be smaller' voted with 3 votes 15/09/17 19:09
Idea 'It's time for SE to graduate from the Sandbox mode. Please add reasons for us to explore space and planets. Add generated bases/temples/derelict ships/etc.' voted with 3 votes 15/09/17 18:32
Idea 'Compound Block' voted with 3 votes 15/09/17 18:31
Idea 'Decorative Blocks' voted with 1 votes 15/09/17 18:31
New idea created: Use a smaller-scaled armour texture for all blocks, as seen on the new half-blocks, to better represent the scale of our creations. 15/09/17 18:30