Space Engineers Feedback


Log Date
New idea created: "Share with allies" option for ownership. 10/01/18 05:35
New idea created: Make the thin layer of voxel as a planet's shell thicker/have backpacks freeze when they hit a planet's surface 26/10/17 01:16
Idea 'Players being able to regulate how strong inertial dampeners are.' voted with 3 votes 21/10/17 00:05
New idea created: Bring back ship fuel low lady and the low suit energy alarm 18/10/17 02:28
New idea created: When somebody connects with a potato it doesn't slow down the server. 01/10/17 18:53
Idea 'Asteroid "Geodes"' voted with 3 votes 16/09/17 05:14
Idea #637 commented 16/09/17 02:14
Idea 'Weather on Planets' voted with 3 votes 16/09/17 02:14
Idea 'Water/Fluids in general' voted with 3 votes 15/09/17 02:48
Idea 'Expanded NPCs' voted with 1 votes 15/09/17 02:47
New idea created: Lootable dead bodies in singleplayer and crashed ships on planets. 15/09/17 02:46