Space Engineers Feedback


Log Date
New idea created: Disable some of the new visual effects when you lift your visor. 13/02/18 03:13
New idea created: Add damaged models for functional blocks 27/11/17 01:54
New idea created: Add Blueprint Folders 20/11/17 05:39
New idea created: More plate blocks 22/10/17 02:57
Idea 'Ship/Base Design tool' voted with 1 votes 22/10/17 01:47
Idea 'weapons, systems, radar, API, speed limit, multiplayer: MASSIVE space enginieers overhaul!' voted with 1 votes 19/10/17 00:33
New idea created: RDAV's Fleet Command and what it says about the community 16/10/17 17:37
Idea 'Occlusion Culling' voted with 3 votes 28/09/17 06:57
Idea 'Concealment in Vanilla' voted with 3 votes 28/09/17 06:57
Idea 'Dedicated server multithreading' voted with 1 votes 22/09/17 06:49
New idea created: Show Cockpit Health 21/09/17 22:27
Idea 'Ships are too delicate in collisions, and ore spawning is like having a warhead go off.' voted with 3 votes 19/09/17 20:53
Idea 'Reinstate Ladders' voted with 2 votes 14/09/17 22:16
Idea 'Random pirate base spawning on planets using parachute block.' voted with 3 votes 07/09/17 02:12
Idea 'It's time for SE to graduate from the Sandbox mode. Please add reasons for us to explore space and planets. Add generated bases/temples/derelict ships/etc.' voted with 3 votes 07/09/17 02:08
Idea 'Expanded NPCs' voted with 3 votes 07/09/17 02:08