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you can completely take off your space spacesuits
You can completely take off your spacesuits to more utilize airtightness plus you would hawe storage where the suits hanging (or hang in the cryo)

Ventus shared this idea 18/08/17 23:27
Ventus 18/08/17 23:40
odizzido 27/08/17 20:40
Disabling space suits could make for interesting gameplay I think. But we would need to be able to push off and properly land on blocks before it would really work.
Karthaan 05/09/17 13:13
There should be some disadvantage from beeing in that bulky (?) EVA suit, since theyr gloves would make most tools difficult to wield. Also, this would (at last) give us a reason to actually pressurise rooms
Ventus 11/12/17 17:16
Karthaan you gave me good ide
Ventus 11/12/17 17:17
if you dont have a sout on faster welding and graiding bacause the suit not disbling your movments