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Wheel suspension on dedicated server is unplayable.
If you’re playing online, the wheels are just not usable. This is well known, but I didn’t see a thread here documenting demand for working suspension wheels so here it is. The moment you place suspension block, before it’s even welded up, the desync issues start. Everything in a radius around the wheel is subject to teleportation, falling through the planet, or getting flung into the air. I call this area a “clanghole”. If you add more than one wheel, it only makes things worse. At best it just gives you a grid that’s entirely difficult to deal with, at worst will lag the entire server. On hosted game instead of dedicated server, the host will have wheels working normally, but most players will suffer similar experiences with the clanghole effects increasing in proportion to ping time. Although for the most part the vehicles don’t fall through the planet so better than DS. Multiple vehicles cause huge drop in sim speed as well, it seems both the server processor and network requirements of these parts need serious optimization.

AutoMcD shared this idea 13/11/17 15:58