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Wheel Suspension break point shift.
I suggest to make the separation point between the wheel and its suspension at the inner face of the wheel, retaining the suspension system with a build-able face if the wheel is removed or destroyed. perhaps the suspension, wheel and base could be three separate but interlinked, damageable parts. when the wheel is removed or destroyed, only the options relating to steering and speed should be disabled, leaving all suspension related options available. this would give us the option to use just the suspension, without the wheel; which opens the way for all sorts of "soft touch" machines, smoother landings on LG, etc. Give and Play, without block damage as a given. currently the only way to create suspension without having wheels involved is to use levers on a rotor, which is very space and performance intensive, i believe the idea ive suggested would be much more efficient for both.

FlassMaximus shared this idea 03/01/18 23:46