Space Engineers Feedback

Weels do not work in multiplayer
So me and my friend play alot of space engineers together only us, and he has better internet so usually he hosts and invites me into his world. We are on Mars and we've tried countless times to construct different forms of basic land vehicles, but the wheels just won't work at all. The small wheels spin correctly but doesn't gain any traction on the ground, and the 3x3 and 5x5 wheels will sink halfway into the ground and when accelerating they will fly all over the place (without detaching from the suspension, kind of just teleporting back, forth, up and down with close proximity to the suspension). Space Engineers is not a solitary game, most people playing it play with other people. Please, if possible, put focus on fixing the essential things currectly not working in multiplayer above adding new blox for example.

Justforthis shared this idea 28/11/17 18:34