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Weather conditions / Environment Hazards
Planets feel dead, empty, and I'm not talking about adding ridiculous aliens and plants everywhere. But, there is not even a simple ambient effect yet. We know it is possible, a person on reddit was doing some blizzard particle effects mod, and there is also a wind effect, lava, toxic air and corrosion mods. I mean, come on!, there was also a solar flare event in Miner Wars, and some toxic, and radioactive clouds. This will add more engineering life to survival in my opinion. It doesn't have to be destructive effects, but maybe obstructive effects. Perhaps a sandstorm could affect, not only visibility, but also the solar panels, and then you have to clean them later (like in Take on Mars) Strong storms, (sand, wind, rain, blizzard) could affect ships flying performance a little bit (like in Frontier Pilot Simulator, Indie game in dev), and maybe then, you will be forced, or let say, you will see that it would be more safe to use land/wheeled vehicles instead.

Spets shared this idea 28/08/17 17:29
antokamire 28/08/17 18:40
and maybe there could be added a creature spawning event in case of sertain weather and acid rain for example. There should be several options for weather and it should be modable too. Then you could just change the options of the planet and which weather effects it features and which effects these weather events have. like spawning creatures and which and like acid biting away your ship or something like said pushing away your ship.
Darkaiser 31/08/17 13:07
I would be happy to see more hazards in space as well. Radiation clouds, dust pockets, solar flares and odd magnetic waves are all real in space.
antokamire 01/09/17 15:34
Yes Space hazards would be fun too, futhermore I would also think that if you have some cloud of charged particles or something similiar like gas clouds they would be fun to hide your base in or make your base resistant enough to a sertain hazard that it is atleast save from everybody who does not want to go near it. What this would mean is that you would have sertain area's in space that are uncrossable without the right equipment or some places that just pull you out of a jump if you do not have some kind of upgrade to go past it. some more environmental challenges would devinitly be welcome. thus the astroids hazard is a bit boring when it's the only thing that could actually happen.
AutoMcD 06/09/17 20:41
+1, it would probably be a lot of work to add weather but I think the added atmosphere would be huge. Also, nebulas!!
d3yyx 14/09/17 21:39
You could also create characters for the planets, like in Star Wars the Planet Kamino where the clones were made. It was constantly raining, or a desert planet where somewhere around the planet there would always be a sandstorm.
TheSnipz 14/09/17 23:05
This could actually be very simple to add, the rain/sandstorm could be an area of effect or just affect the entire planet, also if you are in an airtight area the rain/sandstorm visual effects would go away and then have the sound muffled.
Darkaiser 14/09/17 23:43
I REALLY like this idea. Lots of opportunities here. Like, you could randomly determine the weather for a planet (localized or planet-wide) and then, the more severe the weather the bigger/better/more varied the mineral deposits. So something with some rain or fog (crappy for Solar power but otherwise fine) is little change but a REALLY severe planet with storms all the time, or heat, violent winds or whatever could be a GREAT place for mineral wealth. Problem is, you have to almost fight the whole planet to get it!
tomrated21 15/09/17 17:43
Good Idea to Be Planned
ShaunWinchester 16/09/17 11:36
Yes PLEASE add weather!
xiojade 17/09/17 17:32
dust, nebulae and other hazards would be amazing!
LukaszLutek 18/09/17 19:06
Yeah, imagine water on your visor. That would be so immersive. +3
LukaszLutek 18/09/17 19:06
NikolasMarch 19/09/17 12:39
would be nice to see some weather stuff, but making panels and windows dirty so they need to be cleaned, thats a whole new level
Whiskey2049 26/09/17 15:25
I'd love to see weather/environment hazards like a sand storm where you have to take shelter in a cave or your base and wait it out. I think that would add a lot more to survival than turning on meteorites...
aitorten 29/09/17 09:19
I would love to be inside my base, seeing as it rains a deluge outside through the glass
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:50
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
steelphantom67 04/10/17 06:26
yes yes yes needs to happen don't care how long YES!!!!
forcedminer 05/10/17 16:05
yes. weather would make planets feel alot more atmospheric and alive. . I like to imagine what it'd be like standing in a lovely colonized housing unit looking out as its raining and hearing the raindrops hitting the bulletproof glass keeping the engineers suit dry.
GrieferDiamond 12/10/17 20:21
Gas clouds in space, safe and dangerous ones
UnknownEngineer 28/11/17 00:37
You could an option in the advance settings when you create a world to enable or disable damage from these storms.
RegEd 30/01/18 11:57
Oh my god, how amazing would planetary storms/weather be? Rain thrashing down, wind buffeting your ship all over, visibility down to a couple of metres, forced to go out on a rescue mission becuase your buddy crashed whilst coming back from the mine and is about to be eaten by wolves...
Darkaiser 17/02/18 18:03
Yet another possibility: Some of the hazards could actually BE resources. Say you're on a planet with lots of storms (because you like a challenge). How about if you built a lightning rod to capture the odd strike for power? The lightning rod itself would be cheap to build but you could add a breaker block to prevent sudden power spikes from damaging your batteries. Sure, you COULD risk not having the breaker, but if you catch a big strike and the batteries are nearly fuull...boom!
Doomedperson 17/07/18 21:03
+3. This is, while possibly hard to implement, a great way to increase the flavor of planets. Mars could have great sandstorms, destroying visibility and tossing ships around, while Earth has relatively tamer thunderstorms, which only fry your ship's systems. I don't even know what the alien planet could have. Aside from throwing out crazy idea, this really does have amazing potential, providing a challenge for planetgoers in singleplayer and making it harder for more experienced players to bomb newbies into oblivion in multiplayer. Also, it provides interesting events aside from meteor storms.