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Weapon Arsenel
I put this one into multiplayer because where the hell else are you gonna use weapons now and days (and don't say on wolves we both know you shut those pesky bastards off before you even load up the universe). So. before we begin lets do a head count of our current hand held weapon options in Space Engineers. we have an assault rifle that's reliable in most situations, alright. good start. we have another rifle... that's more accurate but shoots slower, and another riflee that's about as accurate as a hyperactive child with noodles for arms. I know the millatary aspect of the game really Isn't the main focus but if your going to do something might as well do it right. In reality the 2 variants of the default rifle can be chopped. and the default rifle model can be replaced with the Elite version (because A it looks better and B the scope is almost required). the 2 variants should be replaced with a Sniper rifle and either an SMG or shotgun. both of them requiring their own ammo and both having their ups and downs. then there is also the category of Rocket Launchers. yes we can easily stick a launcher onto a car and call it a day, but i'm not always 2 feet from my vehicle and my vehicle doesn't always have weaponry let alone High Explosive Weaponry. i think it would be really nice to have a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. maybe with the upside that it can have a Lock on feature to give it help it have a purpose. Long story short we have very few weapons choices and combat/military power would have a lot more depth if they added some more different types of weapons, and not just variations of the same weapon. a symptom i call COD syndrome. Rocket Launcher, Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, Pistol, BFG, Grenades. each one has to feel different and work different. And few differentiations of them, maybe a pump and auto shotty (both with their ups and downs, one shouldn't be superior to the other.) Reading back over my passage i realize it's a confused mess. but i think it still gets the point across (if vaguely)

Cirtex shared this idea 26/10/17 18:34