Space Engineers Feedback

We are Engineers, not Soldiers. Add a pistol for standard self defense weapon
as title says, we are engineers, not soldiers. So, a pistol should be the standard weapon. Currently the creatures in the game are very easy to kill with the rifle. Perhaps, adding a pistol, with less stopping power than the rifle of course, will make this a little bit more challenging, aka fun. and of course, it will be also great to have other weapons, a shotgun for example, I don't know... a space crossbow maybe lol

Spets shared this idea 01/09/17 20:14
Saberwulfy 02/09/17 07:29
If the damage of each bullet of pistol be less than rifle - wolf wins
UraniusCrack 02/09/17 12:40
I think something against vehicles is more important, right now there's not much you can do against small grids when you're on foot.
KaneCold 19/09/17 12:35
So ... why not go the Dead Space route? i mean we are engineers? why not give us tools that can handle the basic dirty job?