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OK this how i think keen could make water in SE. OK have it where its a voxel but you can go thru it and when you go into it a blueish filter would cover the screen until you gets out of the "water" unless its a ship then the windows would have the filter and if the players helmet its open it would get blurry and would start suffocating and the jet pack wouldn't work and on the surface of the water voxel can have ripple and wave effects. and this voxel would generate on the earth like and alien planet only (unless the player uses the voxel hand) and down the line keen could find a why to make the water voxel "flow" be that would be why down the road for the flowing water voxel. And side note can we please have it were we can take off our suits and have them like the tools where we have to make them (but doesn't weigh anything when equipped and adds more carry space) if we select it in the advance options in the world menu.

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 14/02/18 12:23
druppi 15/03/18 21:41
yeah a simple graphical effect is what i was always thinking too, no physic calculations needed just the flight behavior has to be changed when you enter a "water voxel" to fake water physics to some degree