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Water Cracking Fuel Cell ability for the oxygen generator.
In the Apollo moon missions, power was supplied with a "Fuel Cell" that combined Oxygen an Hydrogen into water to extract electrical power as a result. I suggest this added to the gameplay as well: an alternate power supply option for those with already filled H2 and O2 tanks. It woul drain gases from the tanks at a certain rate, and provideIce and power. Now, to keep the more clever perpetual energy engineers from abusing an exploit, the Fuel cells should never provide more power to a grid than an O2 generator takes from the grid. What power it drains to crack ice is the same as the power we get from remaking ice. 100% efficiency of this conversion may be unrealistic, but easier for game purposes. I feel this would add survival options= when the uranium runs out, and the batteries are dead and the sun is a black hole, well, we could always "burn some fuel" for power. :)

Calaban shared this idea 18/02/18 01:56