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Water, Boats Oh My!
So i when planets came around I noticed that there was no water I thought "ok they will add it later" but over a year later and NOTHING! Also if there was water then there could be boats, I always dreamed of SE having oceans with great battle ships and carriers! It would make me even more interested in planets even more and want me to play and continue building and creating new ideas with water

Prebz111 shared this idea 18/09/17 02:32
rum 26/09/17 01:04
water is a triky thing to do and will be very very performance heavy too :/
Prebz111 28/09/17 02:41
Well I know but I was thinking of something like what minecraft has which is just very simple water just for now, and boats I can't say anything cause I don't know much about but I think they should start with something simple like that really anything is better than ice
Zooltan 30/10/17 22:46
They have officially said, several times, that they will NOT add flowing water to the game. It is simply too complex and performance heavy. Minecraft has a world made of squares, which makes game logic and calculations fairly simple, compared to SE that has a complex voxel system.
Prebz111 02/11/17 22:12
Well I'm so sorry that you can't let others hope why then was this sir made?
Zooltan 05/11/17 03:22
I'm not saying your suggestion is bad. I'm saying that it has been suggested before and rejected.