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VTOL for an in game block
rather than having a scrip and all what if VTOL was an in game feature it would be a block that you have too hook up to you rotor/VTOL system the BAM TAKEOFF

ronin shared this idea 12/09/17 00:53
ghofmann 12/09/17 17:11 flag comment
They should just have rotors attached to subgrids respond to regular flight/dampening controls. Could be a setting on the thruster or rotor/piston/merge block. Here's the suggestion for that:
andreykl 14/09/17 22:58 flag comment
VTOL-like block/rotor/hinge with key binding will be useful to a degree, but SE is game about building and players will still try to make their own variations of VTOL, ranging from fixed ones that have 2-3 positions to spherical ones. Controllable block will add to the variety, but won't solve the issue. Also VTOLs aren't the only ones that need control from keyboard - there is a huge amount of walkers over there, snakes, controlable arms e t c. We need a more general solution, like a key binding from cockpit (binding to scripts or blocks, with capability for continuous action, press and release of keys)
ronin 16/09/17 17:02 flag comment
yes but what i mean is like a new type of rotor for VTOL