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VTOL aircraft
I love the ability to make anything you can think of in space engineers but recently ran into a problem. I wanted to build a VTOL aircraft with two large engines on either side that can rotate but the only problem is that the engine pods aren't linked to the actual craft and are not linked to the primary controls for movement. Maybe eventually you guys could come up with a way to make this possible?

RedAlert1172 shared this idea 28/09/17 00:06
Hammy 28/09/17 17:19
This one if using locked rotors This one if not using locked rotors They should be easy enough to use, your only issue is those involving clang.
forcedminer 28/09/17 19:47
heres a video example of what Hammy showed you on the workshop. they're pretty badass looking and only once i attached 2 large atmospheric thrusters to rotors hoping they'd work but they didn't. same to OP's issue
Hammy 28/09/17 20:56
Yeah, the scripts are basically perfect, the only problem is SC doesn't have proper sub grids, so clang will murder your vtol thrusters.
ghofmann 28/09/17 21:49
There's already a suggestion for this feature here: Go vote for it.