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VR Support
Simply, I would like to experience SE in my Vive. So I beg you please add VR support.

histidin shared this idea 17/08/17 21:03
woodster 18/08/17 03:35
At one time you could use VORPX to do it (although the UI was clunky as it's not designed for VR). But I'd love to see it native in the game... I might never leave my house again :D
StrangeCalibur 22/08/17 11:23
It would be so so so sickening..... the issue is to do with frame rate, any drops below 70 or so and you will start to feel ill. If it's not VR from the start it is very unlikely its going to finish that way, at least in a playable state.
histidin 22/08/17 12:17
I don't think so, I can play nms with Vorpx around 70 fps and I dont feel sick at all. You can see lags and it has terrible FOV but Its playable And it is so amazingly cool that I don't care. And with I9 coming soon I don't think that low FPS will be problem.
SixMarbles 22/09/17 23:13
I do fine in DCS with frame rates dipping frequently into the 20's. Oculus has come a long way in reducing visibility of frame drops with ATW and ASW. As for motion sickness due to the shifting perspectives, that will always be hard for new VR users but it doesn't bother me after a gorillion hours in fast-moving VR games. I would love to see eventual VR support, even if it's basic. +1
Helaton 25/09/17 19:21
If you want to see how SE would play in VR, try the game 'Detached'. Takes a little getting used to. The amount of motion you have relative to the frame rate is usually the indicator for how much motion sickness you have though. That's why when turning or fast motions, lots of games use 'Tunnel Vision' to limit the effect on the periphery. A helmet/cockpit or 'fixed' frame of reference also greatly helps.
xphoenixxx 20/07/18 03:48
see also Via the alt key the game already has basic idepentant direction of view - it just needs to be tied to head tracking really, the nvidia 3d library would probably be able to facilitate stereo vision too since it worked under DX9's nvidia vision/discovery mode.