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Votes not refunded for completed ideas
I wanted to come back to this site after the last major update (1.186) and redistribute my votes. However, I was surprised to find that I only had one voted idea (with one vote) and one free vote. After deleting all my votes, I now only have 2 free votes. I suspect that a handful of ideas I voted for have completed without returning my votes to me. A simple workaround until you can fix this issue could be to add a button to the profile page that resets all votes. Also, I realize this issue doesn't really fall under "General gameplay" but there doesn't seem to be a proper place for feedback on this feedback site. If there is a better place for this item, please let me know.

Waroe shared this idea 04/02/18 20:44
Waroe 27/02/18 09:29
Thank you for restoring my votes! I still think a reset button would be nice but I'm happy with a refund. :)
piratep2r 28/02/18 20:32
Waroe you are my hero. I've been at 0 votes for more than a year, and after I saw this I checked my status again. 13 votes remaining to cast. You rock!
Waroe 01/03/18 23:00
Glad to hear I'm not the only recipient of this fix. You're welcome!
NikolasMarch 05/03/18 18:30
i would like my votes fixed also, i only have 4 to play with.... :(