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Virtual Reality support
I want to suggest VR implementation for roomscale space adventures. The vr controllers doesn't have as many buttons for quick buttons like jetpack, helmet, and so on, but by adding a hotkey menu to the menu button on the vive controller to pop up a full grid of all the hotkeys the keyboard would have, it would make the vr experience much better.

Duckers shared this idea 14/09/17 20:07
Duckers 14/09/17 20:19
And here's the controls idea. @The_Flower141#0611 WEll, had a few ideas coming in for how it would work as i came up with the idea: 1: hotkeys. There's alot of hotkeys to toggle jetpack, helmet and so on, but by pressing the menu button on the left controller, it would pop up a holo menu with all the toggles in a grid from a PDA or something 2: flying around: The vive touchpad is like the pad on the steam controller and acts as the joystick and the other touchpad for the tilting and such in free space as you already can turn around by actually turning around in roomscale. 3: Flying the space ship: I thought it could use the right motion controller as the joystick mid air as if it was a real flight joystick, and use the left motion controller as the throttle or reverse. Move the left controller forward to accelerate/backwards to reverse, vertically to ascend or descend . 4: Mining: you use the right trigger to mine with and the left one to pick up the minerals 5: Opening doors: That could be mapped to the grip buttons.
Duckers 14/09/17 20:20
Oops, forgot the text had a discord tag in it :S
Dealman 14/09/17 22:13
I think this could be fun to try and see how feasible it would be. I would gladly help test this as I have an HTC Vive of my own. Having played a fair bit with the HTC Vive, I think it would work out quite nicely. These are for right-handed people. One can just switch the controllers around depending on how it's all setup for left-handed people. I think using the touchpad on both controllers would make for the best experience. While the controllers could probably be used as a virtual joystick - I think it would be rather tricky to implement in a good fashion. I do believe it should be attempted though and maybe be added as an optional method of flying. Inventory management would probably be the bigger issue, maybe just a rendertarget that is attached to your left controller and use a raycast from your right controller to mimick a mouse pointer would work out the best. In my experience radial menus on the controllers will very easily get congested and become an absolute headache to use.
malwaredev 17/09/17 21:11
I would _so_ much rather have a seated experience than a roomscale one. That hardly ever works with games like this.
xphoenixxx 20/07/18 03:47
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