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virtual inventory
A virtual inventory with unlimited space. You can pull anything and type the exact amount what you want to move in both diretion . The virtual inventory can be a part of the players inventory but only loadable from an other inventory. If the elements "realy" moved ,every element's original space should keept up until the process is not done , or if no space for turn the rest back it should dropped to the player. Or the virtually moved elements cant be moved any other way under the process , if the container get critical damage under the process the elements what hooked from it should dropped to the payer or dissappear from the virtual inventory. The process can end with a manual reset or an automatic reset when the player leaves the inventory.

Csongor shared this idea 15/09/17 18:49
Charger 05/10/17 15:46
I don't understand. What problem do you want to solve with this suggestion?
Csongor 06/10/17 23:46
Csongor 06/10/17 23:54
it would make eayer to place the exact amount to the exact place even if this more then wat you can carry in your inventory, and a good start for made the trading avalbe in the game, however that will need some other stuff to make it possible.
Bleuhazenfurfle 14/11/17 08:28
I just finished writing on this (idea 614), from an idea I was putting forth ages ago about this very thing. As with your suggestion, the virtual inventory can act as a clipboard type deal; you drag items in, including "splitting" a stack larger than you have the items for, and it just remembers where they came from. When you then drag items back out again, it tries to drag the sourced items first, then make up the remainder from other inventories on that same grid, stopping when either the target inventory is full, or the source grid has been exhausted. Otherwise, it works exactly as inventories do now. If there's insufficient components, or space in the destination, the transfer simply stops at whatever point it got to. I also proposed only that the virtual inventory be a suit feature, not an actual block or any such thing. I also proposed some mechanisms to extend the handling, with modifier keys to only move the sourced items, some UI to set the sourcing of items, etc., but all that is optional extras, the basic virtual inventory idea will function just fine with inventory mechanics exactly as they are right now. If you're trying to build a large thruster on 1x1x1 inventories, you weld up the thruster as far as you get, copy the remaining inventory requirement to your virtual/clipboard inventory, and then return to the main grid (or any other that has the parts you need), drag as much from your virtual inventory to your suit inventory as will fit — pulling those items from whatever grid you're physically at, at that time — returning to weld up the block, as many times as needed. Or simply moving inventory between ships, or among inventories on the same grid by combining virtual stacks and splitting them back out again as needed (also works for loading up your welding ship, for example).