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Velocity indicator for HUD (Speed and Direction of travel)
The HUD currently has a speed indicator, but no indication on the direction of travel. This is not that big a problem if using inertial dampeners but it makes flying with the dampeners of unnecessarily difficult. The addition of graphical speed and direction indicators to the HUD would help, even better if it was a real trajectory indicator (taking natural and artificial gravity into account).

anongam87493 shared this idea 03/09/17 16:56
AceNepets 05/09/17 19:24
The HUD _does_ currently have a velocity vector, however, it is a joke to use: First, it is only a glyph in a tiny circle, as opposed to the desired type which would be a companion to the current cross-hair. Having a vector cue that overlays the scene and complements the cross-hair would be much more useful. Second: The current cue/glyph does not actually indicate subtle movement. It disappears when velocity is low, and appears gradually, starting in the exact center of the circle, regardless of the actual drift vector. Only when velocity increases enough does the glyph actually deviate in the direction of the drift vector. Third: The current cue is stupid as it projects the drift vector without information on if the vector is normal or anti-normal. I.e. Drifting backward and drifting forward show up as exactly the same indication on the circle. If the guys at KSH actually played other space sims such as KSP, they would at the very least have imitated the forward and reverse cue functionality such as is present in the "Blue Ball" in KSP. For ship-to-ship combat, rendering the cue on the scene is far more useful, and would remove the need for the "space snow" particle drift effect that is inaccurate over-embellishment.