Space Engineers Feedback

Variety of Landscapes (fixed coordinates on planet)
Imagine areas on planets with tight forests, a desert with sandstorms (visual/hard to see through) in which you have to navigate carefully to avoid obstacles, or a swamp biome with dense fog in which you can hide your base as a strategic move, instead of burying it into the ground. Fighting against each oter in these areas will be challenging and fun to play with and give a further meaning to exploration in this game. key features: - biomes/fog/flora/fauna should have a fixed point on planets/in space, so you can visit the areas later again - fog /sandstorms should be cheatproof (no png overlay or sth. else) - a sandstorm is an event in desert areas, that occurs sometimes, not always. - rare Items/materials are hiding in some of the areas to make them worth exploring (e.g. items to up your ship) - areas should either be neutral/hazardous/or a nice looking place, worth to visit.

Musel shared this idea 18/08/17 12:59