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Using the jetpack on planets leaves the player character tilted
While on a planet, turning off the jetpack does not perfectly orient the player character to gravity. The player character will be left tilted by a few degrees away from the direction of planetary gravity while standing on a light armor block platform. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a new Custom Game using Easy Start Earth. 2. Note that the horizon indicator to the right of the toolbar is flat. 3. Turn on the jetpack. 4. Rotate the player character to the right (using Q) so that at least one foot is no longer touching the platform. 5. Turn off the jetpack. 6. Note that the orientation of the horizon indicator is tilted by a few degrees. Switching to third person view, stepping outside, and turning around while on foot will make this more apparent.

ThunderRahja shared this idea 15/02/18 09:01
3DPyromaniac 10/05/18 18:02
yeah, i only noticed it after 1.186.5 and it has bugged me for as long as i had encountered it...