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Usable left arm (on-the-fly) LCD screen
Ever noticed the LCD on your left arm while using the grinder or the hand drill? Sadly there is only a static texture on it. I would suggest a hotkey, that moves your left arm up, so you can read this LCD panel and use it as small, personal textpanel for PBs to show some small but important messages (like an enemy was detected, the uranium/power is nearly empty, a block is being hacked...). Therefore PBs should use antennas to send out the content of the screen to one player/a faction/all players/enemies. To allow multiple PBs to send different contents, while holding this hotkey the mouse wheel should be usable to switch between the different contents received. When releasing the hotkey, the arm should lower and the display should go off or to the default texture (but keeping the last viewed content in mind when pressing the hotkey again). I guess shift-running should be disabled while doing this, so your arm is steady. The same behavior would be great in cockpits, maybe with up to three different contents shown at the same time. Therefore see also: The access from PBs should be at least like a normal textpanel, allowing to change the size, font and so on, but auto-populating the content to all current grid cockpits and giving the possibility to send these contents via antennas to players.

Kaemmelot shared this idea 24/10/17 12:35
Saberwulfy 24/10/17 21:04
Yeah, i already think about this lcd and why we do not have access. Suit would have a PB too for we script, so when close a antenna we can use it.