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Updatable Blueprints
With the constant fixes I am always updating my blueprints. But I get frustrated that I have to re do the naming and uploading to steam. If there is a check box for items already in the blueprint, with the same name to auto update, even locally or possibly on steam workshop. It would be a very easy for me and loose less time.

guyz3776 shared this idea 18/11/17 03:00
Timotei22 23/11/17 16:30
You can already update your blueprints. Here is how I do. - 1. Take a copy of your ship using ctrl+C and go to the blueprint menu. - 2. Select the blueprint you want to update and click the "replace from clipboard" button. The local blueprint should be replaced by your new version. -3. Finally, you can re-publish the blueprint to the workshop. Steam will automatically replace the old online blueprint by the new one if they have the same name. I guess a simple button for doing all these steps in one click would save some time. But I don't think it would save that much. Not enough to be wort it I believe.