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Unmerged grids rubberband back together
Have had the issue twice in Multiplayer on Dedicated server. Merge Ship to Station via merge Blocks. Later on I unmerged the ship from the station and flew away to drill/etc, idk what triggers it but seemingly random time later the ship will rubberband back as if it was strongly connected to the merge point again, I rubberbanded about 2km back to point, destroyed the stations merge block and significant part of the connection, and was seemingly strongly connected to the air where it was orig merged. I have also had a point where I somehow got connected to voxels when my ship (full of drills on the bottom) fell onto ice. I could not escape, drilling farther down just lowered the point I was connected, and no matter my thrust I would rubberband back to the ice. grinding drills did not get rid of issue, itd just suck the ship lower back to the ice.

DeadlyDays shared this idea 23/11/17 12:54
omen964 27/02/18 19:47
Sound like you had a de-sync between server and client, Causing your client to think you where a ship free to fly and server thinking you still where a station not being free to fly. Had similar problem on servers.
mikrogen 20/07/18 16:01
Please retest, should be fixed in 1.187. If not, make a bug report at