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Undo Changes to Thruster Damage area of affect.
As we know, thruster damage area of affect was changes from a 1x1 cylinder in the center of thruster blocks, to a rectangle that covers the entire face of the thrusters, not just the center of the nozzle as such. This change to thruster damage was made, again, with zero consultation or warning to the community, and there are now multiple threads filled with furious creators whose ships and stations are broken as a result. Please consider up-voting this Suggestion to force Keen to reverse the changes they made as in reality they improve sim speed and fps by effectively zero, but cause havoc when it comes to designing aesthetically pleasing ships.

SuicideNeil shared this idea 27/10/17 03:40
Helratz 27/10/17 04:21
If you want to do a square instead of a cylinder fine just don't make it affect more than a one by one spot at the center of the thruster please
daspablo 27/10/17 04:43
why a giant square? cmon keen....this is the welder nerf all over again.
LtDuckweed 27/10/17 05:53
I'm fine with it being a square, but ONLY if it is a square inscribed WITHIN the previous circle. This allows them to save computation by using a rectangular bounding box, but wouldn't break any existing ship designs.
Broadstairs 27/10/17 17:59
Very important issue for me, this is a significant change for existing ships that for my play session nets very little appreciable advantages to counter the massive annoyance of my ships burning themselves under thrust. I've switched thruster damage off in the meantime hoping this change will be reconsidered.
mikrogen 06/11/17 11:51
Hi guys, there was update to thruster damage algorithm in 1.184.700 release on 11/2.
filcon 17/11/17 10:00
Any additional feedback for current thruster damage?
SuicideNeil 17/11/17 13:48
I would say check into whether thruster exhaust damages all blocks in range, or just the ones that are in contact with the exhaust- obviously thruster exhaust needs to burn through the nearest blocks first before damaging the ones behind. There is also the issue of thruster design- large hydrogen thrusters need to have their corners filled in so that they are airtight, Ions need a total redesign as they are just plain ugly ( hence, people try to hide them behind armour which is part for the reason for the issues we had with thruster damage changing ), some medium sized options would be very useful ( 2x2 sized ) and some definite clarification on damage area/range is required & set in stone for all thruster types. Cheers.