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Uncomfortable to use control panel when many ships connected
We have a base with many ships docked via connector. This creates mess in control panel of each of them, and it's hard to choose needed block, because many of them have the same name. I have two ways of improving this: 1) When 2 or more ships connected, add ship name in braces in the end of each block name, like "Connector 1 (Red ship)" and "Connector 1 (my_first_miner)". 2)Group blocks of each ship under ship name header (which can be opened and closed like a drop-down list), and sort these headers by block count (so that base/mothership will be on top).

zorgkirill shared this idea 08/10/17 11:22
Yeto 10/10/17 14:59
Yes, I like the second solution more. Not only stations, also carriers have lists with many doublicate entries, eg. if 10 Fighters ... are docked.
HighGround 11/10/17 08:09
Would be nice if control panels could display things by grid ID via some sort of drop down menu system.
Xagen 13/10/17 09:48
Second example definitely sounds like a good feature. I would like to expand on the idea. This should be a toggleable function like Hiding/Showing hidden objects in the list. With the default state being "Off". It might be annoying otherwise when grouping objects through multiple grids.
Bleuhazenfurfle 26/11/17 15:37
Option 2 is what we've often talked about, when discussing being able to arrange a grids blocks in a custom folder tree structure; the name of the grid would be the root node, and by default, all grids but the one you're connecting to would probably start closed (and even then, I'd argue that only the first level of the current grid should be open by default). I've also discussed some time ago, a more extreme version where you need to go to the connector and ask the other grid for access before it'll even show up — the default would be to grant access, but that should be perceptible by Programmable block — that grid would then remain visible to you, specifically, presumably until it disconnects.