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UI Update - "Show only selected grid" option or group grid option
Hiya dev's, As is stated many times. The current control panel becomes a mess once you make larger and/or more complicated designs. The most ideal solution would be a folder style menu where the player can put blocks in one (or multiple) custom folders, selectable by a drop down hierarchy menu for example. However I do realize this mean that the whole UI needs to be updated. So a quicker and maybe temporarily solution would be a option to only show a certain grid option. As we all know, rotor's, pistons and some other blocks, all create seperate grids. so why not make an option to show the blocks only to these (sub) grids.

Roxstar shared this idea 31/08/17 14:47
Bleuhazenfurfle 27/10/17 17:08
We already have the "one or multiple custom folders", they're called block groups, and you can even incorporate a sense of hierarchy by naming the groups (and their blocks) carefully. Sounds to me like filtering by block group would do most of what you're asking. But being able to put blocks into a customised folder tree, if that's what you meant, now that would be absolutely fantastic, and then using block groups, sub-grids, and the likes, as filters over the top… And especially, keep separate grids separate! Have each grid appear as a root folder, with only the current one you're directly accessing open by default. (I actually think you shouldn't automatically get access to a connected grid's blocks anyhow, but that's a whole different topic.)