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UI Consistency for list substring matching
Any input block that could have a list greater than 5 items should allow for text substring searching just like the inventory tab does for containers. * Example 1: In the Cargo Sorter control panel page, instead of having to scroll down by hand to find Stone in the list to whitelist, I could click on a drop down and get a "combo-box" and type 'st' and it will find Stone (and any other component with ST in the name). Alternatively, add a "filter" text input above the list (like you have in the inventory page when filtering for container blocks). * Example 2: in the assembler, when I am looking for a blueprint for a larger or small block type, I should be able to type in "med" and it should filter down the list to just the medbay (and anything else that happens to have med in its name -- again, just like inventory does when filtering for containers). * Example 3: For the admins of Dedicated Servers: lists such as the "grids by owner name" should allow me to filter by the owner name or the grid name using the same method (a text field with substring match filtering the results). * Example 4: Also just for admins -- in the "spawn components" it would be very handy to be able to do the same combo box substring searching so that when I need to spawn one of my players some Ur ingot to get their ship back to base. * Example 5: respawn menu: I encourage the player on my dedicated server to make shared spaces at their bases, including "share to all" medbays. It would be nice to be able to filter the list of medbay spawn points via a text input box substring filtering like you have on the inventory page for container blocks. In general, I'd recommend adding combo-box anywhere you have a drop down list and search box substring filtering in any result grid like the assembler small and large grid "blueprint" search areas.

mccorkle shared this idea 24/08/17 17:43
mccorkle 24/08/17 17:51
As a visual example of the Combo-Box as I'm recommending above: * And for the "inventory" search box -- this is the one I'm talking about: *