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Turret targeting improvements.
At the moment turrets target most blocks. This is a problem because they target blocks that are valued. For example, they will shoot a cargo container just because it is an enemies, if there is a reactor behind that cargo container after it has disabled the cargo container it will still shoot through it to get to the reactor that is behind it, in most cases causing the cargo to be lost or destroyed. To fix this problem I suggest a system like that of a conveyor sorter where the player can choose to whitelist or blacklist blocks that the turret will target, so the turret will not shoot through blocks that the player would like to keep in tact after a battle (i.e cargo container). The white/black list should have a priority feature so the turret knows what to destroy first. There should be an "Avoid" list that will make the turret activity avoid damaging the listed blocks so they don't damage them while trying to destroy a targeted block behind them. For missile turrets, it might be a good idea to account for splash damage to blocks that have been put in the avoid list. This would be very useful to players so they can choose whether to just disable a ships weaponry if they are attacked and leave the attacker harmless or disable the weapons and thruster making them an easy raid or choosing to shred the enemy to pieces to make an example for the rest of them :)

TheTeaKettle shared this idea 11/09/17 05:19