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trophy room blocks for discovered and captured ships
I would like to have a trophy room in my HQ of all of the ships I've discovered, beat in PVP, or pirated. To that end, I'd want a small block that looks like a trophy version of the ship I've captured. I'd want to be able to export the ship and get mwm + CubeBlocks.sbc definition along with the currently exported stl and obj files. With a simple copy/paste and loading of that mod into my universe or server, I can now show off my exploration and combat abilities within the space engineers universe. I know there would be details that would need to work out (lod models, building states, etc), but a single lod mwm with textures in the right folder + a CubeBlocks.sbc would facilitate a new meta game for late game players such as myself. An example of how I imagine the final block would look: ship with stand.PNG?dl=0

mccorkle shared this idea 23/12/17 22:17