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Travel between servers in your ships. (when triggered in-game)
I have been playing with the idea of players and ships being able to travel between collaborating servers when said travel is triggered by the ModAPI server connect command. I made a test mod, only allowing a player to travel, and rexxar built a more advanced version where ships travel. This allows communities of servers to be built with smaller more focused servers, which means each individual server will naturally have better sim speed, and high number player slots on individual servers is less critical as the player base would be spread between many servers instead of all on the one. Rexxar built a proof of concept instance battle mod which was somewhat popular but rather limited since it doesnt allow "open world" exploration (by visiting more and more remote worlds, rexxars requires a central server and the remote servers are "reset" in effect reducing usefulness) Ideally there would need to be some basic security here, such as a server side passcode only shared between related servers and admins that you are permitted to travel between as a player. Likewise unless on-the-fly mod downloading can be implemented (and from prior discussions this is possible too with a little work) these servers would also all have to be careful to use the same ship block mods.. Another thing to be careful of is that if the remote server is offline the player does not lose their ship, it should either bounce them back to the originating server, or leave the encrypted ship cached so that it re-appears if they reconnect to the original server if the remote server connect failed. This functionality has some similarities to a players idea of ships logging off with players to improve performance - although this approach has complications if a player is in a shared faction ship. I have come up with a few ways this can work: On connect trigger, dump the currently piloted ship to a client side file encrypted with the server passcode, once connected on the new server decrypt this file to confirm no tampering occurred and spawn it along with the player in the new world. (this is the style rexxxar used) On connect have the server connect to the remote server and stream across a copy of the ship and move the player over. This would require major vanilla redesign, or a heavy plugin on Torch/SESE but could allow seamless server transitions. On connect have the ship and player details streamed to a central server, when on joining the new world, the ship is streamed back and spawned into the new world. This would be the most secure method and can work vanilla, modapi or plugin. (and would allow a secure ship logs off functionality in the other suggestion)

xphoenixxx shared this idea 28/02/18 00:08