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Tilde before item quantity when moving items with right mouse button
Forum discussion: Sometimes item (especially components) numbers have weird tilde before them, as if the number is decimal Something like: Steel Plate ~142x Demo: This demo is recorded in a vanilla scenario save without any mod, latest version (1.184.102) I've found a way to reproduce it 1. Create a new survival game with Earth Easy Start 2. Craft 1200+ NATO ammo with assembler, move all mag to your backpack 3. Drag the mag stack to an empty slot with right mouse button, enter "1111", release right mouse button Expected You get two stack of mag, one of them is 1111x, the other one is 89x (if you craft exact 1200 mag in step 2) Actually You get two stack of mag: ~1111x and ~88x it's worth noting that both of them have a tilde before their quantity, and the sum is lesser than the original stack (1111+88=1199 <1200)

byzod shared this idea 26/09/17 15:42