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Terminal Grid folders
When you access a terminal you can go back and select the grid you want it would look like Carrier Fighter 1 Fighter 2 Etcetera It would make accesing grids a lot easier

XxnickdraganxX shared this idea 30/12/17 20:18
Orhk 06/01/18 11:19
I would really love expandable folders in the terminal, like a kind of group. So you could condense say, all of the light groups into a single line in the terminal.
andreykl 24/02/18 10:53
+1 This will resolve a lot of naming/searching issues. But can be used a lot wider. For example: Groups can be remade into folders with same blocks (links to blocks), in such case drag and drop will simplify creation of groups (drag and drop probaly can be added as is, but I doubt it will be convinient). Mods, GPS and Blueprints will definitely benefit from folders as well.