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Tech Tree Plz!!!!!
A tech tree needs to be implemented starting out with everything in game is a little boring. Having some sort of research or tech gathering would improve the game and make it more challenging.

Warrior8892 shared this idea 15/09/17 05:14
Darkaiser 15/09/17 16:41 flag comment
I agree! Keep it simple (like a Research Block or something) but yes, I agree with this idea!
DJ117HALO 15/09/17 17:48 flag comment
Yes agreed I like me a challenge
Hunterakagman 15/09/17 18:34 flag comment
As long as it's optional, I have no problem.
Rulin 15/09/17 18:54 flag comment
I see a "planned" tag, does this mean it will eventually be implemented at some point? :)
Soultechnology 15/09/17 22:52 flag comment
i actually like this idea, so long as its simple. like a block or a build one of these o get these or simple easy tasks.... something so you might have to do something you wouldn't normally do to get something you normally use. starting out with basic and rough technologies might be interesting. like no ark furnace right off the bat and maybe atmo -> hydro -> ion thrust-er progress (if planet start). if your in a primarily planetary survival there kinda is research with lack of plat and difficulty of resources however a tech tree could make it interesting SO LONG AS ITS MOD COMPATIBLE! as with everything. and i like seeing keen trying to implement mods people thing are mandatory and fit in the game rather then making it mod dependant.
mrkelmad 16/09/17 00:18 flag comment
I really like the idea of a tech tree. but it would need to be higly customisable in the options. Some cool features would be the resarch of upgrades, for example, higher refinery affinity less power consumption etc or higher reactor power output and so on the diffrent level of this of course. Also, let us look better items like with the had equipment but for more items like bigger and better drills or different power options that you start with burning minerals like coal then solar power than nuclear and then maybe fusion . I also think it would be cool if you would implement the research so that it would cost resources, processing power, time and energy. and for the advanced stuff maybe some items you have to find. the increasing resources cost would really give the survival game a better Endgame (which it lakes at the moment ) cause you would keep playing because you want to look these and this. A little bit like factorio but with some graphics and game play mechanics of space engineers
ChrisHiss 16/09/17 01:59 flag comment
I don't like the idea of tech tree, though, I would like something which works with tiers!
Hunterakagman 16/09/17 02:18 flag comment
Speaking of tiers, I would recommend keeping the player tools tiered and the ship ones upgradeable, like the yield block. Remember that this game is meant to be a sandbox. I would recommend adding bases to the star system world instead that contain harder to get parts like the super conductors and thruster components. Some friendly, enemy, and neutral.
StrayCargo 16/09/17 12:17 flag comment
I think this is a great idea but should be set aside for the time while they work on fixing a lot of the major issues such as lighting and overall sim speed. There are not enough items in the base game to require or need a tech tree at this time. Not to mention the game is already pretty basic maybe a tutorial map would help which I believe they have.
AlwayzPatrick 16/09/17 12:37 flag comment
I wouldn't like it like in medieval engineers. I would rather research by finding data off enemies and AI
Schlitzi 16/09/17 16:45 flag comment
a good idea because as a beginner a tech tree will help you to find the objects you need at first
kertlund 16/09/17 17:47 flag comment
something like Empyrion's tech tree would be great .
kertlund 16/09/17 19:17 flag comment
@Rulin , yes but its still "Planned" it does not mean its yet made or will be anytime soon , but i think it will come in the next major update example 1.9 or 1.2 .
admiralpeck 16/09/17 23:40 flag comment
maybe keen should make a game that is a cross between SE and ME where like you kind of progress from wood to stone to metal, to actual steel so it's like you have to progress from the starting point in medieval engineers and end up at the top of space engineers, just thinking because it would be great for a long-term progression system, but they need to "finish" both games first before they take on any more projects
DrThunder7 17/09/17 00:35 flag comment
Why limit the game? Isn't this supposed to be open world sandbox game? 17/09/17 00:38 flag comment
If this is implemented, I think it should be something that can be toggled. While the idea is interesting, I don't want to be forced to build a certain way until I get to a special stage in the game. I would use this, but not in EVERY survival scenario. I build and play in special and unique starting situations, if I wasn't able to build something I needed right out of the spawn I could be totally screwed and not be able to progress.
Tom7i 17/09/17 00:52 flag comment
"Why limit the game? Isn't this supposed to be open world sandbox game?" My thoughts as well. "If this is implemented, I think it should be something that can be toggled." Absolutely this^^ I don't want to be forced to learn how to craft a motor by killing 50 wolves or something similar, already bening an Engineer and all.
crane228 17/09/17 01:45 flag comment
Why would you want to restrict the content at the start? I may be ok with tech tree if it was optional, tho i would never use it
Rulin 17/09/17 01:48 flag comment
This is why I also suggested a tech tree, but primary for further improvement of already existing blocks. Like thruster tuning or upgrading. (t1=100%, t2=150% etc)
antokamire 17/09/17 14:09 flag comment
horrible this will just ruin every game play element in the game and an endless amount of researching just to unlock solar panels and such. which would make getting started too big of a challenge for me. Also I rather have upgrades that you can research and apply than not having a jump drive because you need to research it first, because the jump drive is about the only thing in the game where you could do without in the begining. Instead of a Research Tree I would only comply with a Resource bound restriction tree. like you found rare materials A which can only be mined when you have material B, because Drills can only be upgraded with material B or a module/other drill which can only be build with material B. without limiting the basic gameplay which is what we have right now.
megapro 17/09/17 14:20 flag comment
It would be cool if the blocks that are in the game right now won't get blocked behind a techtree however I'd like to see upgrades for the existing blocks (something like a level 2 thruster/drill/rocket launcher etc.) that you're able to research in the game. the currently available blocks are all very basic and shouldn't be behind a research wall (most blocks at least... you could argue about blocks like the jumpdrive or upgarde modules)
Syncaidius1 18/09/17 15:41 flag comment
While I personally love tech trees or natural progression in games, there should be a toggle for those that do not like it. Hopefully we're getting some kind of natural-progression tech tree, where we have to locate regional resources to be able to refine/build better things. Being able to turn off regional ores should also be possible (e.g. ice on moons only, platinum at 1000km+ from the world center, etc). Either way, nice to see progression is planned in some form. :)
Syncaidius1 18/09/17 15:42 flag comment
Double post because no edit button: I meant "ice on poles only" not "ice on moons only". If it was only on moons, we'd never get off a planet!
Poodledeedoop 18/09/17 23:33 flag comment
I think a tech tree in the form of suit upgrades would complement the current survival game play very well. Currently, there isn't much of a consequence of dying. As a matter of fact, killing yourself actually regenerates your oxygen and energy, and even gives you some extra materials. Increasing the cost of dying for the player might make the act of surviving a much more pressing motivation for the player to pursue.
Darkaiser 18/09/17 23:35 flag comment
I like this idea. Sort of like losing the Tier 3 tools if you die, if you've spent time and resources upgrading your suit, it motivates you not die or at least recover the body.
amrylin1337 19/09/17 05:11 flag comment
You can get this effect by having ore rarity make sense and what comes first be necessary for what comes later....the tree could be nothing but the visualization of what's available.
FoolishOwl 19/09/17 20:20 flag comment
I basically agree with @DrThunder7, but as long as everything's available in creative mode, a tech tree in survival mode shouldn't interfere with Space Engineer's core as an open sandbox.
vantyto 19/09/17 20:33 flag comment
for tech tree, game should have more types of same item (like stronger, and less stronger thusters, etc.), maybe "kerbal space program" is good inspiration.... and maybe some RARE technology, that can be researched under some special sytuation, and maybe some notcraftable block/item, that can be only found somewhere
Muwoka 20/09/17 21:51 flag comment
No tech tree please, it would just be like so many games... linear Why always trying to be like other games, where the way to go is written down ? Space Engineers is a game of free movement. We don't have a tree tech in real live. We have needs to produce things, but they already exist ingame. I wouldn't bother if things were made more complex in the process of producing some objects but in my opinion going the "tech tree" direction is not the good one. Too many games are made "easy" as they don't ask people to chose by themselves, but follow a gameline decided in advance. Please don't make this game looking like the "others"
BeardieD 21/09/17 16:22 flag comment
A tech tree would ruin this game for many, so if added it must be an option in the game options!
NikolasMarch 24/09/17 06:11 flag comment
simple, and more importantly, optional as different people have different priorities, this need to be fully understood before preventing one block from being built until you have another block. Playing survival usually has its own priorities depending on start location, and starting ship, so would need to be flexible for players that like minimal hard start spawn ships, that dont have as much flexibility with their starting components :)
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:51 flag comment
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.
ChrisHiss 01/10/17 19:52 flag comment
Like some people, I don't wan't a tech tree! It would limit the game so it would kill it sandbox aspect. Having such limitations in creatiing to a sandbox like SE is not good. Though, like I said, I would like to work with tiers! I mean, for example, having a tier 1, tier 2 tier 3 thruster/refinery/rotor/piston/reactor... If you want to build a tier 4 drill, it would cost a lot more rare ressources than the tier 1 one, and will consume more power because of it's performances. Do you agree with this idea?
kertlund 01/10/17 19:58 flag comment
ChrisHiss , if you want sandbox go to creative thats sandbox .
andreykl 01/10/17 23:10 flag comment
At least better support for 'tech trees' and interface for mods and scenarios are needed... otherwise game is interesting enough.
AceNepets 05/10/17 01:01 flag comment
No. Just No. At least not as a default enabled option. What you are insisting on is that DRM exist in 2077, wherein the IP and software that the assembler needs to produce items has to be earned in some way or another, as if our character needs to pay their subscription fees or face death.
Aban 09/10/17 22:57 flag comment
YES, a friend and I have wanted this for so long. You should definitely make it optional and customizable and also you should be able to use the tech that you have not unlocked but not make it. So like if you found someones ship with hydro thrusters or something and you havn't unlocked them you can still use them. It would be cool if you made it so that we progress through the tech tree by doing actions related with the tech for example, you weld a armor block you have placed to get more research points towards something in a structure category like a heavy armor block, but you should only be able to get a limited amount a points in a time period so that people cant farm points as easily by grinding and then building it over and over. That way it will feel less grindy and you could still get points by just building a ship or something.
HighGround 11/10/17 08:17 flag comment
A tech tree (something similar to Medieval Engineers) would be welcome. Not having access to every block right off the bat would make the game more challenging. For example start out with a large block refinery, assembler, power source (wind, solar, battery, hydrogen engine), research station. And have access to small block wheels, cockpit, air vent, power source. Plus basic tools. Form there we'd have to research specific technologies which would cost specific amount of minerals and components. This could be done for large and small blocks as well. Plus you could also add in a tiered system for thrusters as well.
Maybesomeday85 15/10/17 22:23 flag comment
As long it can be toggled on/off from settings and can be customized, many scenario creators would love this option ingame.
Lukow 18/10/17 16:58 flag comment
I agree, but it should be optional and with it it might be good to add some new blocks and tools so it have some meaning, but it should be simple and it would be great if it will somehow upgrade output/damage of some group of items for example some research for power would add 20% to power output of blocks and etc.
petdomaa100 08/11/17 14:38 flag comment
I think it's a very good idea to have in the game. This would allow more OP things in the game, because you couldn't yust build it up right the start of the game. Like a homing rocket. The tech tree sould be able to swich off in the advanced menu, because some one meybe doesn't want it. But I would like it! :)
Ilias 01/12/17 12:40 flag comment
Only if not bothering and optional, otherwise the ultimate creative game will just be worsed.
Ilias 01/12/17 12:42 flag comment
And logical, do not alowing players go OP to others just because they wasting more time for the game, and do not just with no reason making game process slower.
Zammarok 04/12/17 08:57 flag comment
I would agree IF and only if there was more tech.
mccorkle 27/12/17 14:59 flag comment
Has anyone else used the Phoera's "Grind to Learn" mod? Though it isn't exactly a tech tree -- you don't get blocks to build in your G menu until you've found them somewhere in the world and ground them down: I'm currently playing with Grind to Learn mod and many of the PvE mods from Meridius_IX's Modular Encounters Collection and I've pirated and hacked my way from the earth like to the alien planet and am on my return trip now in full survival with Corruption PvE drones hounding me 24/7. It might be the most fun I've had in SE since I got the game.