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"T" does not saves state.
Feature, which automatically rotates blocks before it placed. Most useless and annoying. I don't even know how this feature named, but basically this is "broke anything before you even build it" mode. First thing I doing after save load is disabling it.

Krypt shared this idea 17/08/17 23:33
kittle 22/08/17 09:38
Smokki 25/08/17 12:23
This "feature" needs to be off at default and buried as an option in some discreet place. I literally never found it anything but extreamly annoying.
admiralpeck 16/09/17 23:42
i have no idea what you are talking about but i think you might be referring to auto-rotate, but it should stay disabled even after you log off then back on again
AutoMcD 14/10/17 16:57
I like the auto-rotate feature for certain functional blocks, but armor should be immune from it no matter if it's enabled or not. I'm noticing that even when it's turned off, my armor blocks keep spinning around. It's pretty annoying when things don't stay where you set them just because the mouse pointer happened to rake across some other blocks. And yes, I would also like it to remember if I left it on or off.
Bluylight 30/12/17 14:20