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Survival symmetry mode in projector block
I think, the proyector could have a "symetry" mode for survival, when yo place a block in one side of the ship, the proyector make a proyection in the other side of the whip, so it would be easier to build and facilitate making symmetrical ships without counting blocks on each side

aitorten shared this idea 29/09/17 09:13
Absolarix 30/09/17 02:55
Translation/Clarification: Place a projector block in the intended center of the ship, and put it into something called "symmetry mode". What this would do is look at any blocks placed on one side of the ship and make a projection of those blocks on the other side so that the builder could freely build a vessel in survival with less chance of screwing up and not needing to have a blueprint to get a projection.
TheDeinonychus 01/10/17 01:27
Yes, this feature is something I have been hoping for for a long time. I understand why symmetry mode isn't normally available in survival. It's a question of game balance. For symmetry mode to work how it does in creative, the game would basically give you free components, since you require at least one of a block's first component to place it. However, with a projector, you still require the first component to start building the block, it simply gives you a guide to follow. I'm not sure how difficult this would be to work from a technical aspect, though. I'd assume the projector would have to read the blocks of the grid it was connected to, and create a mirrored copy of them along a particular axis. This might make the projector more processor heavy, especially on larger builds. But having this as a toggle-able setting in the control panel would help mitigate that. This could also be used as a method for duplicating ships without first needing a blueprint. Simply have the projector mounted on a grid with two arms, one to either side, ending in merge blocks. Have one ship connect to the merge block on one side, and a projection of a copy would appear on the other side, ready to be welded up and unmerged once finished. On a side note, how the heck do I get more vote points? I'd vote this suggestion up to hell and back if it didn't keep saying I don't have enough voting points.