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Survival: Large Platform Block
I'd love to have a large platform block for large grids and even small for ship building. Maybe a 25x25 platform or perhaps even bigger? Maybe even a small tool in the "G" menu to be able to input a number of blocks for width and height, then have something large to orient the station with in my hand and place them all at once. Welding them all is no issue but the placement of a large square or rectangle for a station feels redundant. In survival, a station just outside the planet's atmosphere is something I would imaging a lot of survival players do just after leaving the planet. Maybe its just me but having a specific platform to base a station off of and something large to figure out a good orientation with a great view would be nice to have. I always set up my first station at an asteroid close by. Just a thought.

throttled829 shared this idea 15/09/17 23:11
throttled829 15/09/17 23:16
Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting a tool like the block grid tool in creative. I would prefer an actual block to select that is large or have to input a numeric value to represent 2 sides of the array of blocks I want to place. That way it still feels....survivalish. <---Makes perfect sense.