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Suit puncture
When flying at high speeds and clouding with something your suit will be punctured. And at random when a dog bites you or a space spider attacks your suit will also be punctured. An item could be added to fix the puncture or simply going to the med bay will fix the puncture. While the suit is punctured you will lose oxygen if in no atmosphere and then die from lack of oxygen.

UnknownEngineer shared this idea 21/11/17 19:51
forcedminer 29/11/17 21:19
I remember there's a scene in "The Martian" where there's an explosive decompression and the astronaut cracks his helmets visor badly and it starts leaking oxygen. ..hes able to quik fix it with some astronaut grade duct tape. before getting back inside and changing his damaged helmet for another one. heres the part although i can't seem to find the part where he quickly patches his helmet