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Suit energy recharge Tool/Component
Like an H2 or O2 Bottle, I would like the idea of a energy resupply to carry along in a backpack as well. IT could be as simple as a Power Cell component, that recharges the suit to 100% if carried, or some sort of "Battery Pack" tool you can assemble along with the gas cylinders.

Calaban shared this idea 18/02/18 01:47
Maxnout100 09/03/18 18:01
I'd like this. Not because suit energy is a problem, but because it takes long to charge so it'd be nice if I could do that less.
pyotyr 14/03/18 19:25
Sometimes it's simpler to kill yourself than to wait for the energy to recharge.
Calaban 14/03/18 20:39
The battery pack is for those times when you pack up full bottles of H2/O2; when you are about to fly off in just your suit for a while, either prospecting in deep space for that certain mineral, or rocketmanning up to orbit in your suit for sommadat platinum. and the only thing making you return to base is that energy bar.