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Suit connection with ship/station via hose
A hose that can make a connection between the player's suit and the ship/station. E.g. when the player starts grinding while connected via hose all the gatherd items will be stored in the cargo container from the ship/station. The same goes for the drill and welder. This hose also shares oxygen, hydrogen and power.

Olopeff shared this idea 15/09/17 12:18
WRENPL 15/09/17 15:54
I think it will be too rough for cpu, That's why you need repair ships BTW.
Darkaiser 15/09/17 16:44
I can see this working with a line connected to a small CC on a small ship or drone. Some areas are too small for work ships to enter and not everyone like flying repair drones. So why not a hose 20m long or so that will lend power, O2 and Hydrogen and materials for grinding and repairing can flow too?