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Suit Capacity Slots
Currently you can have as many bottles as you like in your suit and it'll affect its capacity. I feel this is bad. My suggestion is to give the suit 3 slots you can fill with either bottles or power cells to upgrade those capacities, which you can mix and match at your leisure. But _only_ those 3 slots. Without those slots filled the suit should have a very limited - just emergency - supply, maybe even no hydrogen at all. You _need_ the bottles. Example: Welding in a pressurized area: Fill all three slots with power cells. Doing scouting in space: One oxygen bottle, two hydrogen. These slots should not take up inventory space. The entire inventory is now free for other stuff.

malwaredev shared this idea 13/10/17 08:57
NikolasMarch 13/10/17 09:00
i can go for this :) reclaimed a vote from somewhere else n dropped it here :)
Syncaidius1 13/10/17 14:19
Definitely. But I think if we're going to get something like this, it should come along with full suit/module customization. A few extra things to add to the list: Extra inventory pouches to extend inventory capacity Armor vests/straps/plates for increased hp Miniature refinery/assembly/medical modules - severely limited compared to their block counterparts Comms pack for extended suit antenna range Convert the jetpack into a suit module, so we can properly decide what type we want - hydrogen, ion or none at all And more importantly, the powered modules should of course consume energy (or hydrogen if needed), to act as an extra balance factor. Of course, if Keen take this route, we would likely need more than 3 slots. But who knows!
malwaredev 15/10/17 17:46
As a side comment, personally I wouldn't be against requiring a block to replace the items in the slots... so you can never have more than 3 upgrade items, no matter how much of them you actually have in your inventory. The reasoning is simple: The current suit is overpowered. Why do we need ships?
nukeguardmods 16/10/17 04:13
In the beginning suit speed was 7m/s max, you *needed* a ship to do anything substantial. If suit stats are limited, and you have to upgrade with bottles in slots, that would be a handy addition to survival play.
Bleuhazenfurfle 29/11/17 13:09
I generally agree, but think it should be 2 slots per resource, otherwise specialising one will leave another at "emergency only" level, and you simply can't leave oxygen or hydrogen at emergency only with no recourse. Also, changing in the field should be allowed, but should take a small but non-zero amount of time, and might maybe sacrifice 15% capacity — changing them in the medical bay or some other block would give you the full capacity.
Neraph 02/02/18 20:48
I had the same thought of a system like this. You could also swap in a parachute to use it on your suit.