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Subgrid (Rotor, Piston, Connector) Thruster Control
Thrusters on a subgrid (attached to main grid via rotors, pistons, or connectors) should respond to regular flight controls and inertial dampening controls of the main grid. There is a mod that does this now called Whip's Rotor Thruster Manager (Works with Pistons and Connectors!):

ghofmann shared this idea 05/09/17 16:53
UraniusCrack 10/09/17 12:44
It's not a mod, it's an in-game script; you can already do this in vanilla
Rasip 10/09/17 17:43
Yes, you can already do this in vanilla. Using a programmable block, a timer, and an always running script that may or may not restart itself when you load your world. Vanilla really should let you control all the thrusters on your ship regardless of which grid they are on. The only time i can think of that you wouldn't want to have them all work together is if you fire your engines before disconnecting from a station.
KaneCold 19/09/17 13:03
Maybe an optional button somewhere?
Lent 20/09/17 16:14
Yes! Keen! Why do we even have rotors, if we can't stick thrusters on them and make a VTOL without help of volunteering talented coders like Whiplash141?! I'd absolutely love seeing that implemented in vanilla
shadowprotocol 16/10/17 04:08
This is what I have been wishing for. All my rovers have a custom rotor suspension, and I'd like for the wheels to work behind the rotor.