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Stone is Useless unless one would make Gravel or a Mass Projectile Weapon!
Stone is Everywhere in the Game and so the only thing to make with it would be Gravel but I think it would be nice to be able to make more Stuff with Stone or to get more Rewards from Stone when crushing it into Gravel and I do know that there are probably mods that affect Stone like the Stone Crusher to get Other Ores from Stone in which it is nice since for some reason I can't find ores very easily but It would still be nice to Add More Things to make with Stone Other than Gravel. Some examples could be Stone Bullets made from Hardened Stone, There could be Stone Weapons, and also there can be Stone Blocks as well in which the Stone could be hardened to a point to use for Other Crafting or Building Items/Blocks.

DJWolf3 shared this idea 15/09/17 22:48