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Stone Functionality
Stone is an abundant resource in Space Engineers. Yet currently there are no major uses for it outside of mods. Some uses I can initially think of are: - Further refining of stone to extract small quantities of other ores (Good for starting from scratch in new worlds and helpful for new players) - Stone building blocks (Too heavy for ships/vehicles but good for planet based building as it is plentiful and simple for new players. Stone blocks shouldn't be able to carry power unless they can be built to contain metals/wires. This could all balance it's abundance). - Terraforming, Ammo types, realistic weights/mass blocks, basic versions of some tools (like the much requested shovel) etc. I'm sure our fellow engineers have got many more ideas than me!

Jono7 shared this idea 25/08/17 16:50
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 08:20
or Allow player to place a cube "cement" voxel in much the same way as voxel hands or a shovel in games like medival engineers, star forge alpha, minecraft etc. Where it turns back to part of the ground. Or a cement block essentially like your "stone" block above