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Stocklist for engineers
A stocklist that can be created by the engineer or by using a projector that is projecting a blueprint. With this stocklist you can go to the assembler and transfer this list to the production tab or you can go to a container and take items that are on the list.

Olopeff shared this idea 15/09/17 12:31
Bleuhazenfurfle 14/11/17 07:12
Some ages ago I put forth an idea very similar to this, but more generic. A straight up virtual storage space, into which you can drag items (including "splitting" the stack into more than you actually have) — but no transfers would happen yet, instead, it would remember the items you'd transferred in, and attempt to perform the actual transfers when you later move them to another inventory. (I also went into some further associated management functionalities in one discussion.) With regards specifically to this suggestion, I wanted a button on projectors that would add the projections remaining inventory requirement into the virtual inventory, and likewise for that little message indicating you don't have enough components in your inventory to finish welding up the block.