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Steered Vehicles should be as fast as the jetpack
I think it is very frustrating and immersion breaking, that you are always faster with your jetpack, than with a ship, because the maximum speed for ships is 100m/s and for the jetpack it is 106m/s. I thing the idea behind this was, that you can still capture ships, that you accidentally left without turning dampeners on or something like that. But what about detecting, if the ship is steered by a player and than increase the maximum speed to 106m/s, while unsteered grids can still only reach 100m/s.

Brigor shared this idea 22/08/17 13:44
Jono7 22/08/17 20:16
Interesting idea, and maybe certain speeds could be configurable in the options menu as there are probably many different opinions on this topic (and limitations within the game). Like we have different welding/grinding speed options currently, we could have Jetpack, land vehicle and ship max speeds.
TwoSnake 27/08/17 07:28
It's rather silly. First thing I do when joining any game is just zoom around in the jetpack GPS marking all the good asteroids before getting started. Way faster than exploring in a ship, but also really immersion breaking.
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 07:38
The issue here is physics.. consider.. you are standing in a ship going 100ms, you walk to the bridge.. if the player is limited to 100ms he cant move forward, only backward. Bit like falling in a black hole actually.. That is why the player limit is always a fraction above ship speed. I do agree however player accelleration should be significantly less than that of any ship for many good reasons.
Sakanax 16/09/17 20:08
@xphoenixxx With the update last week positions are updated relative to the nearest grid. I'm wondering if this changes the relevance of the additional speed for programmers? Maybe the speed limit could now be situational and relative to the ship you are in. There is one good reason for the additional speed though. Many times it's saved my behind when I get spawned outside the ship or the cockpit is destroyed. It's always nice knowing you can catch up and save your ship. A further point is that the speed limits in general are unrealistic have have always been there for performance reasons. Also the limit messes with planet launches. It takes more hydrogen to maintain 100 m/s for a longer timed launch when you could just continue accelerating and save lots of hydrogen if the speed limit weren't so small!
malwaredev 17/09/17 20:31
What xphoenixxx said. Also simply so you would be able to catch up to a runaway ship. These are the official reasons. I accept xphoenixxx's reasons. However I say stupidity should be punished. If you manage to lose a ship, that's on you.