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spin gravity
please add spin gravity because im working on the endurance from interstellar

critikal shared this idea 03/10/17 23:25
Hammy 06/10/17 02:34
Actually, this works for the most part. The only issues with this currently, is that you cannot jump off of a surface while using mag boots. They just need to make it so that you can jump while using magboots, and make it so that if you are pushed against a surface, you auto reorient.
Infinity 06/10/17 08:18
You ment actual friction on space engineer suit?
Clevername 07/10/17 06:48
dude just do a sphere grav generator and reverse the polarity is settings
SuicideNeil 07/10/17 23:58
I made two videos demonstrating that spin-gravity is an actual thing in SE- it just doesn't work with the character which is a shame, vehicles and blocks it does work with ( when Clang doesn't attack ). I concur on the suggestion to just use a spherical gravity generator set to reverse. Being able to jump with mag-boots however would be very welcome...
Ilias 12/02/18 17:32
Ilias 12/02/18 18:03
For me it was something that the game missing, but didn't really though that mag boots on side really adding the functionality, thinking about it now: y, really, ability to jump with mag boots would have sense;