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Special coating blocks for protecting area close to thruster exhaust
There has been a vivid discussion lately because of the thruster flame damaging area has been augmented as with update on oct 26th, 2017. Some people don't mind as they see this as more realistic (including me) others moan about their ships becoming obsolete with tight butts where the emissions come through. :) -- Here is a possible solution for making everyone happy. What if we had 'blocks' which represent special coatings which render adjacent blocks (but still not blocks in line behind the exhaust - no 'concealed' thruster nonsense) immune to thruster flames? Think of something like the ceramic tiles plastered on space shuttle's underside for reentry into atmosphere - this technically advanced into another 70 years' distant future. Call it nano-titanium-ceramic or whatever. For obstructing excessive use of that coating (like an armor all around ships) make it expensive like hell in ressources. Or reduce it to a sort of block which can only get situated next to existing thruster blocks.

Cetric shared this idea 29/10/17 10:06