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Spawning asteroids at remote viewpoints
Currently asteroids spawn only within a certain distance of the player, which is fine for normal gameplay. However, this doesn't translate to spawning within a certain distance of the player's point of view if that point of view differs from their actual location in the gameworld -- i.e. from a remote camera or remote control block. I have a scenario where I'm based on the planet, but am sending remote controlled ships into space to mine for platinum and other materials. However, as my RC'd ships are beyond the range of asteroid spawning (relative to my character's location), no asteroids are actually existing around my ships, and so I can't remotely mine for Pt, etc. I understand that such spawning would cause issues for remote spectator mode, but relative to a few cameras or remote control blocks, surely there wouldn't be any more issues spawning/rendering asteroids than there already are for rendering planets, etc. from remote locations? (Such spawning could be limited to non-spectator modes)

prismo shared this idea 15/09/17 02:41